1.7 ton Tilt Bucket

$2,000.00+ gst

The SF Hydraulic Tilting Buckets are great for

  • - Digging hard soil, weathered rock
  • - Backfilling
  • - Ditch cleaning 
  • - Slope-surface trimming
  • - Waterways dredging 
  • - Ordinary clay loading operation

SF Hydraulic Tilting Buckets are available in a wide-range of widths and capacities.

1) It can change the angle of the bucket without changing the position of the excavator and avoid the barriers to operate easily, thus reduce the wear loss and oil cost and improve efficiency. 

2) Provides positive, powerful 45 degree tilting in either direction.

3) The safety valve(hydraulic lock) can fix the cylinder's fault site and it is easy and convenient to repair.

4) Drainage holes can be customized 

5) Advanced digital control flame cutting machines, large lapping machines, and protective welding machines guarantee the quality of our products.

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