Scissor Lift Hire, Lease or Buy

The 8.0m Scissor Lift is the most common in the market and many companies hire them on a regular basis. Ironhawk offers independent advice on both rental and purchase options, we’ll help you crunch the numbers and work out which is best for your company.

We only deal with the top quality brands and can advise you on the different costs and benefits for each. We also offer a range of different trailer options and can advise which would suit your needs. Get in touch to discuss what you need

Scissor lift on trailer 2


Hiring a scissor lift

If you are using a it just a few days a month or for a week every few months hiring is your best option. With hiring you don’t need to worry about long term storage, servicing, or breakdowns. You can also select smaller or larger lifts depending on the job requirements and you are not committed to a long term hire.

Click here to hire a scissor lift for just $90 per day or $300 per week.

Long term rental options

If you are using it every other week over a year or more then a long term rental could be more convenient and cost effective as its often half the price of the normal weekly hire rate. However you need to consider storage and have a system in place for weekly and monthly safety checks.  When renting from Ironhawk and Swift we arrange the servicing and handle any breakdowns for the duration of the hire. We will also supply a replacement if needed to ensure your crew can get on with the job.

Buying a scissor Lift

Buying is a big commitment but over the life of the machine it can be very cost effective. Compared with a weekly hire rate you could save up to 70% if you were using it every day over 10 years. You then have an asset you can potentially sell, but remember all scissor lifts have 10 year lifespan before they legally require a major rebuild/inspection, so factor this in when looking to purchase. Ironhawk  Equipment also have a used equipment section can facilitate the sale for you.

When buying new equipment the manufacturer will arrange servicing and breakdowns under warranty for the first year or more. However as an owner you are fully responsible for regular safety checks and should have a system in place to monitor this. You will also need to arrange insurance for asset. Ironhawk can offer advice as needed.

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