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Scissor Lifts - Long term hire or purchase it?

Mark and Aaron each have over 25 years’ experience in equipment industry specializing in top quality and robust equipment for the hire industry.  Over that time they have seen many brands come, go, and evolve. They can offer experienced advice on your next purchase or long term hire.

Scissor lifts are a unique product that are often used by a variety of companies on a regular basis, some require these to be moved from site to site while others simply need them on hand in the warehouse for regular maintenance or build work.

Step one.

Deciding what type you need is the obvious first step, we offer a free site inspection to help asses your needs but the key questions are…

  • How high do you need to reach?
  • What terrain or surface is it operating on? (e.g Flat slab, grass, uneven terrain, etc…)
  • Indoors or outdoors?
  • Diesel, Electric, or Hybrid?

Some scissors lifts cost more as the are built to last, but if you running low hours and indoors, you may be paying for qualities you don’t need.

Step two.

Calculating hire cost vs purchase price, remember EWP regulations require scissor lifts to have a major inspection or rebuild every 10 years and then every 5 years after that. Depending on the life it has had, most EWPs start to have an noticeable increase in maintenance costs after the first 5 to 6 years, sometimes a lot sooner with the cheaper brands.

Hiring a scissor lift - If you are using it for just a few days a month, or for a week every few months hiring is your best option. With hiring you don’t need to worry about long term storage, servicing, or breakdowns. You can also change from smaller or larger lifts depending on the job requirements and you are not committed to a long term hire. Click here to hire a scissor lift for just $95 per day or $300 per week.

Long term rental options - If you are using it every other week over a year or more, then a long term rental could be more convenient and cost effective as its often half the price of the normal weekly hire rate. However, you need to consider storage and have a system in place for weekly and monthly safety checks.  When renting a good hire company will arrange the servicing and handle any breakdowns for the duration of the hire. They will also supply a replacement if needed to ensure your crew can get on with the job.

Buying a scissor Lift - Buying is a big commitment but over the life of the machine it can be very cost effective. Compared with a weekly hire rate you could save up to 70% if you were using it every day over 10 years. You then have an asset you can potentially sell but remember all scissor lifts have 10 year lifespan before they legally require a major rebuild/inspection, so factor this in when looking to purchase.

 When buying new equipment the manufacturer will arrange servicing and breakdowns under warranty for the first year or more. However, as an owner you are fully responsible for regular safety checks and should have a system in place to monitor this. You will also need to arrange insurance for asset.

As a general rule, if the hire is under 12months, using a specialized long term hire company like Swift Construction Hire is probably the most economical way to go. Anything over that period it is worth looking at the numbers and getting a quote to purchase. 

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