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Zippy Scaffold

Trade Tested by the Hire industry and proven durable and cost effective, the Zippy Mobile Scaffold is commercial grade quality and strength.  Designed for regular hard use by tradies and hire companies.

If you are considering buying scaffolds, the market presents a wide range from cheap and light (flimsy) from the big hardware stores, online suppliers and direct from overseas. 

Zippy Scaffold is the top of the line when it comes to quality, what we are talking about is literally good welds, thicker materials, and perhaps most overlooked - good quality, smooth-rolling caster bearings and solid wheel locks.

This sort of quality goes a long way to addressing the kinds of complaints we hear from tradies when they become frustrated with the shortcomings of the options in the market. When it comes to scaffold, you get what you pay for and Zippy doesn’t cut corners.

You can find a cheaper scaffold for much less, but you won’t want to stand on it. If you are looking for something to pull out every so often for some home jobs or maintenance, the cheaper option will get the job done. But add any kind of height, and what wobbles a bit at ground level, wobbles a bit more every metre you go up.

If you are a tradie or regularly working at heights above 1.5mtrs and below 5m, Zippy provides the portability and transportability that you need on small site jobs, but won’t have you worried about getting up on ‘that thing’ in wet weather or wind. It comes to bits quickly and easily, but once it is up and locked, it isn’t going anywhere.

Base Model Plus Extensions

Another benefit of Zippy is that the base model can be extended upwards to 4.9 working height with the addition of our Zippy Extension Pack, giving you the option of it for a range of jobs that are less than a lift height and need more working space than a ladder.

The extension includes extra frames and rails to increase the vertical height safely.

Folded down, it will fit easily in the back of a wagon, small van or utility. The Zippy Scaffold stores away into a slim 24cm wide bundle for easy access through domestic size single doorways and narrow entries.

Check out our Zippy Folding scaffold with extra guardrail extension 3.9m Working Height.