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Does experience really matter?

Does experience really matter?

Ironhawk Equipment is owned by Swift construction hire, hire companies know which gear is best because people are always hard on hired equipment.

For Example, most of us know that chainsaws typically cut wood and the odd ice sculpture, for some reason a lot of people believe that a hired chainsaw is also a mini stump grinder.

Directors Aaron Beard and Mark Gregory have been in the industry their whole lives, they have seen equipment brands excel in New Zealand through quality and service. After working for with and for some of the biggest names in the construction industry, they can advise on brand quality vs price vs service, and help you ask the right questions. For example….

How often will you use the equipment? 

You may not need the top spec model if you are using it just a few times a month, but if you are using it every day the top spec gear will usually make the job easier, faster, and more cost effective.

Is eventual resale price a factor? 

Some brands hold their value for years and some don’t, this is usually reflected in the price. Ironhawk can advise you on these resale rates and talk about the life of the equipment for you particular application.

Should you purchase or consider a long term hire option? 

This can be a tough question to debate with the accountant but there are some easy formulas we work out at what point it is more cost effective to purchase or hire. We can go over the numbers with you and your accountant to give you both piece of mind.

Will you be using the equipment at the absolute limit of its specifications? If you need to constantly push the equipment to the limit of its designed specification then it’s probably better to look at the next model up. This is especially true when its comes to access equipment, with a scissor or boom lift you always want to have an extra 2 metres of reach for safety and to get the best out of the equipment.

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