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Why we only stock the best brands

Why we only stock the best brands

Less breakdowns and when they do happen you have the best support team to deal with it. Good brands always stand by their product.

Arrowhead were one of the first companies in the world to develop a hydraulic hammer attachment, 40 years later they are the best brand in the industry. The current models are the 4th generation range of hammers, rammers, compactors, grabbers. They really stand by their product so you know they value it.

This translates into better value for money over time because not only do you get more hours out of the equipment, you also get better support which means less down time onsite when an issue occurs.

Often regulations can change and top brands always stay ahead of this by exceeding the specification requirements. There is a cost associated with doing this, but to the end user to there can also be a cost associated with not doing this.

With that said, “Top Brand” does not necessarily mean “Most Expensive”, sometimes the most expensive brands are asking you to pay for there fancy logo and over the top ad campaigns.

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